What We Do – Projects

Workshops are created in response to observed areas of need. They are designed through the observation of hard data and empirical evidence, considering what methods would work best to approach and tackle said areas. This is done by pooling the varying expertise of our team.



Release the Pressure

Release the Pressure is a workshop designed for corporate teams with an overall emphasis on managing and reducing personal and work-related stress through stress management, building resilience and reducing office stress culture.

The workshop is an interactive safe space, conducted in a circular setting, held by two professional facilitators and aimed towards an average group size of 12.

There are no PowerPoints or long-winded teaching sessions. Instead the workshop concentrates on developing a support network within the group whilst helping individuals identify their own areas of stress. Participants are presented with tried and tested interventions to reduce stress and increase resilience throughout the workshop and are coached by the facilitators in how to self-apply the interventions and identify which would work best for them.

The end result is for the individuals to come away with effective means to reduce their own stress and increase their resilience and to have also started the development of a supportive office culture.